Energy Justice
without Compromise

Mission Statement

Our mission is to rapidly innovate solar technology and business models in service of the lowest income communities in Malawi to radically decrease solar electricity costs and increase access.

Problem: Energy Injustice

Nearly 1 billion people and more than 80% of Malawians remain without electricity access. Meanwhile low-income communities often pay the highest per-kWh electricity prices.

Off-Grid Battery-Free Solar Power 
We make solar home systems longer lasting and more cost effective by developing and distributing solar home system designs that avoid the use of batteries.
Sustainable Technologies
Sustainable technologies allow households and communities to do more with less and raise standards of living by reducing resource consumption and saving money. This contributes to resilience, self-reliance and environmental enhancement.

Solution:  Empower the People

Kuyere’s empower solution is to develop and distribute Malawi-made, battery-free, off-grid solar home systems with cookers. Local assembly provides economic empowerment prioritizing gendered tasks supports women’s empowerment and providing very low cost solar electricity creates economic empowerment.

Our impact is immediate

Provide affordable access to off-grid solar products without batteries to rural Malawians

“The first night we got the solar lights, we saw and got rid of 18 scorpions in our house! Now, we are scorpion-free!”
Mwenewisi Village, Karonga District, Malawi

Our vision is broad

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and off-grid solar without batteries for all.

Make human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.