Lowering solar electricity costs for the lowest income villages!

Our Goals:

  • Empower Malawians with Malawi-made solar systems
  • Rapidly lower the cost of solar electricity to give villagers greater access
  • Enable solar electric cooking for low-income households
  • Free villagers from unreliable, short-lived, toxic batteries

Our impact in Malawi

10 x
drop in solar electricity cost

(compared to PayGo systems)

100 +
Villages Served
3000 +
Households Served

How to Assemble
Capacitor-Based Solar Lights

Introduction and diagram explained below, check out our YouTube Channel for more videos…

Details about our impact

Realities of subsistence farming

A majority of Malawians are subsistence farmers that have no steady income but go from season-to-season living off of what they can grow on their land.

Alternative to "Pay-as-you-go"

For subsistence farmers, the monthly payments required by “pay-as-you-go” solar businesses simply does not match their economic reality.


Four years of research in the field

Kuyere has invested nearly four years of research and development in partnership with Malawian villagers to develop its Malawi-made solar system designs that can maximize benefits for very-low-cash subsistence farmer households. 

No batteries

Kuyere’s no-battery solar home systems are designed to last decades—not just years—and put the cooking needs of the household front and center.

Helping those off the grid

Since 2012, aid agencies invested more than $300 million into Malawi’s electrical grid. None-the-less, in the areas we serve most households cannot afford to connect the grid even when a power line is located right next to their house. Solar is cheaper and easier to install.

Real savings, real impact

Household surveys indicate that Kuyere customers that have an average income of $80/month save an average of $5/month in reduced household expenses because they not longer have to spend money on disposable batteries, candles, or cell phone charging services.